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How to bring printer back online

September 3, 2016, by Leonid Batkhan

Sometimes, my HP Officejet printer stops working. It either goes into the offline status or just does not print. Nothing seems to help, not updating or reinstalling the printer's driver, not even restarting and reconnecting computer and the printer ...read more

How to switch sound from Windows PC to TV via HDMI cable

July 24, 2016, by Leonid Batkhan

In order to switch sound from PC to TV using HDMI cable you would need to do some simple configuration. The following 7-step instruction is written for Windows 10 PC, however ...read more

Are you solving the wrong problem?

June 5, 2016, by Leonid Batkhan

In our day-to-day work we solve myriads of all sorts of problems. But problems do not exist by themselves without a purpose, a goal. Get that purpose to be articulated first before jumping to formulating and solving a problem ...read more

Baked salmon with Gourmet sauce

January 2, 2016, by Leonid Batkhan

Fast, easy and delicious recipe of baked salmon with Yoshida's Gourmet sauce. 5-10 minutes preparation time, 20 minutes cooking time ...read more

How to safely restore your Windows 8 PC to a prior state before viruses

June 6, 2015, by Leonid Batkhan

The most comprehensive and effective way to clean your Windows 8 PC of viruses and malware is to restore it to a prior state. Use Safe mode to successfully run System Restore utility ...read more

Web Browser Tips and Tricks

May 15, 2014, by Leonid Batkhan

A collection of different tips and tricks for web browsers that will make your Internet browsing experience richer and more enjoyable. ...read more

How to reset Microsoft Outlook to start fresh

April 23, 2014, by Leonid Batkhan

What can be more frustrating than trying to restart fresh Microsoft Outlook setup when something went wrong. Here is a step-by-step instructions on how you reset your Outlook 2013 to start freash as if it is newly installed. ...read more

SAS Programming Tips: Using Autoexec files with SAS Enterprise Guide

June 2013, by Leonid Batkhan

How to use Autoexec as the SAS Enterprise Guide's productivity tool. Described are User-specific autoexec and Project-specific autoexec in SAS EG. ...read more

SAS Programming Tips: Combining variables from different datasets without joining the data tables

May 2013, by Leonid Batkhan

Introducing SAS macro programming technique on combining SAS variables from 2 data sets into one using dynamic formats. This method does not require joining / merging SAS tables. ...read more

Self-Sustaining Garden: Beneficial Insects

November 2011, by Leonid Batkhan

The best and most natural way of setting up a garden is to take advantage of the natural processes that make it a self-sustaining system. To achieve that you should select a right combination of plants that benefit each other and attract beneficial insects that maintain ecological balance by preying on destructive pests as well as performing other vital functions such as pollination. ...read more

How to pickle anything

October 2011, by Leonid Batkhan

A series of no-vinegar recipes on how to pickle practically everyting from cabbage and cucumbers to salmon, tomatoes and watermelon.

How to create and use a website favicon

December 2010, by Leonid Batkhan

A favicon (pronounced 'fav-ee-kon', short for favorites icon), also known as a shortcut icon, website icon, URL icon, or bookmark icon is a tiny square image, usually 16x16 pixels, shown to the left of a web browser's address bar and associated with a particular website or web page; favicon is also displayed on the browser's tab. ...read more

RGB to Hex color code convertor | Hex to RGB color code convertor

December 2010, by Leonid Batkhan

This simple interactive dual RGB to Hex / Hex to RGB convertor easily converts color codes in both directions as well as shows a sample of the color being converted. ...read more

How to resize Microsoft Internet Explorer window to a size you really want

November 2010, by Leonid Batkhan

Perhaps you encountered with an nuisance of Internet Explorer opening in a small window in some awkward position on a screen when you click on a hyperlink. It looks as though it has been resized and placed there by some evil Microsoft gnome. This is especially annoying when you try to resize the window to the full size, but after closing it its behavior just sticks and this just drives you crazy. ...read more

How to make a transparent background for an image using Adobe Photoshop

June 2010, by Leonid Batkhan

When dealing with image transparency, one have to realize that not every image format supports transparency. For example, GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) and PNG (Portable Network Graphics) do support transparency, while JPEG or JPG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) formats do not. In addition, GIF formatted images can be animated, while PNG and JPG cannot. Therefore, in the below methods, you have to save your images as GIF or PNG type (format) to have them transparent. ...read more

How to change a mouse cursor shape on a webpage and on a computer screen

January 2010, by Leonid Batkhan

A cursor is a static or animated image indicating the position on a computer monitor or other display device that responds to input from a keyboard or pointing device such as a mouse. The term "mouse cursor" is used interchangeably with "mouse pointer" or just "cursor". In many Graphic User Iinterfaces (GUI), the mouse cursor changes shape depending on the circumstances. To change a mouse cursor shape in a webpage, a cursor property of a style element can be used. This can be done either within a CSS or as HTML inline style declaration. ...read more

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